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A New Design Experience.

You focus on the look,

we connect the dots(pixels).


Live 3d Modeling


An Interactive Experience


Immediate Visuals


Expand Creativity



Collaborative Design

Through the power of  rea-ltime, 3d modeling, we visualize the design problems you want to solve.

Interactive Meetings

3D Meetings allow for immediate collaboration with your client. Get more done in less time.

Focus on the Design

Forget about tutorials, Let our highly-Skilled design facilitators do the work while you concentrate what you want to see.

A New Design Experience

Test Patterns, textures, or even the angle of the sun. Try out every possibility and decide with confidence

Immediate Visualiztion

Take out the guess work, with access to 3d furniture libraries, what you see is what you get.

Come again

Update the look, come back and see us to visualize next season's trends.


What is a Tandem.Design?

Tandem.Design is working in unity to develop your ideas and visual proposals. Think of us as 3D & graphic design experts at the helm of  powerful software with you guiding us to visualize your creative process. Simply put, we are Design Development Facilitators

We believe that visualizing ideas is important and that this is best done in an environment that fosters collaboration and communication. Most important to this process is for you to free yourself from tutorials, and render settings. We want to give you the power to focus on what matters, the design. 

Tandem.Design works most efficiently in person, with a back and forth incremental workflow. Our 3D Experts can model and update anything in real time so you can discover new design solutions.  

In the days of paper blueprints workflow was often dependent on the designer's ability to sell anidea through varying degrees of artistic license. Weeks could pass before a design solution could be proposed, only to be rejected, and progress stalled. Today, instantaneous updates through 3d modeling allow clients and designers to collaborate in the design process in real time. Ambiguity can be minimized, and new design potential can be attained.


Our Experts have developed as  highly-skilled intermediaries which are dedicated to the production of your vision. This is why we say this is a new design experience, this is a Tandem.Design



Interior Designers

Test out furniture and lighting downloaded from manufactures to  explore custom fabrics and finishes.


Review flooring and tile samples with your client while collecting sq/ft data for take-offs.

Furniture Design

3d drawings can be made from hand sketches or reference images.


Send plans, sections, and elevations to manufacturers & design houses to produce prototypes.


White box walk throughs allow clients to visualize your drawings. Raise the roof, configure windows or cabinets.


Geo-Locating a design helps to review sun azimuth for positioning buildings on site. 


Layout cabinets or built-ins for proposals to fabricators. Send in your design for proposal requests and shop drawings.

Builders / Developers

Work out building concepts with your clients and take control of the project. Share a unified vision to put ideas together.

Topographical maps visualized in 3d help to maximize efficiency in the drawing phase.


3d models in virtual reality are a great way to expand your discourse. Lets play in 2d also!

Use the power of Oculus to see in stereoscopic 3d.





Houston Texas USA

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