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Case Study 101 - Edifice - Inside and Out

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

See how Tandem works with interior designers and their clients to secure concepts with finishes and furniture.

Massing Models, The building blocks of success.Start with some basic drawings. Spin the building around and move the ceiling heights. the massing is the most important of your design.

Architectural Details

Leave no stone unturned. Try it all out.

Furniture LibrariesExplore protects from the best international designers.

Mix and Match Finishes

There really is no limit to materials we can play with, so lets try them all! We can even play with different lighting conditions.

Work faster by removing the guess work.

Projects move faster when communication is seamless. With raytraced based lighting, and physically accurate reflections the clients ability to visualize your ideas allow them to get instant feedback.

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