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Our Background,

Some words about Tandem.Design

This is where the idea of Tandem Design was born.


In the days of paper plans, the workflow was often dependent on the designer's ability to sell the idea through varying degrees of artistic license. Weeks could pass before a design solution could be proposed, only to be rejected, and progress stalled.

Years of working in Architecture and Interior design offices showed that there was a benifit to communicate through the computer. Whether editing images or in a three-dimensional environment, pen and paper, though still necessary could only take ideas so far.

Design, now with the power of computers!

Today, instantaneous updates through 3d modeling are possible. New technology like physically based raytracing, and GPU structured programs like the Unreal Engine, give never before seen realism to materials and lighting. This advancement, we believe, will change design development and create a new industry of specialized 3d design facilitators.

We are creating a new industry of Design Collaboration.

Our Design Facilitators have developed as  highly-skilled intermediaries which are dedicated to the production of your vision. You, the designer, can focus on your clients or purely on the creation at hand while leaving the lifting to us. Rather than self guided tutorials or employing a hardcore 3d modeler on staff, we offer a service that is backed by experience in architecture and design offices.  This bespoke experience in office layouts, home construction, as well as furniture and lighting design can be yours on demand.

A future to look forward to...

Will we live in a future where anybody can create anything in some "Matrix" style 3d white space? What is the role of an Architect or Interior Designer if the barriers to creating such ideas are gone?


Before we are lost in science-fiction fantasy and hypothetical discourse Tandem Design wants to take the first step to removing barriers for creating amazing things. We see this as leveling the playing field and democratizing access to design tools. Maybe one day artificial intelligence will give power to imagine anything but we feel a thinking hand and working in tandem will be how the future is realized today.

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