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Go Tandem with Restaurant Design

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Restaurateurs may not be the first clients that come to mind when visualizing a space. However, if we think about kitchens as little engines we can understand how the layout is key in being productive and profitable.

A chef's experience translates to years spent honing his art in a kitchen. Each ingredient and the process it takes to turn the raw product into a multi-sensory experience relies on specific tools.

The ability to see what we see.

A chef's talent lies in their ability to imagine flavor, a designers talent is to imagine space. When one steps into the world of 3d models it is as if


Bring your whole crew to the meeting to brainstorm big ideas on how to lay everything out.

Design meetings are for everyone on

staff to have input on the project. There are less surprises down the road when all the nuances of each station are addressed.

see images in 360 sterioscopic to get a first person perspective.

See your project at any time of day.

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