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Your Unlimited Design Potential

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Explore hundreds of models till you find the right combinations for your design ideas.

Infinite Library Options, Zero guess work.

Many manufacturers offer 3d models to download directly. Tandem.Design leverages this open source information to play with which product is best for a space.

Online libraries from manufacturers

3d models can be found from many companies:

  • Knoll Furniture and Textiles

  • Poliform

  • B & B Italia

  • Sub-Zero Appliances

Mix and match furniture to exact specifications.

Furniture, Finishes, & Equipment

We hope you can see the potential of what we can offer you and your clients. Are you ready to explore? Not only is anything on the table, the table is on the table. Lets mix and match as much as we can and work faster with exact objects in the project.

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